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Martin Fisher

Martin has a strong Technical and Managerial/Business background, having worked at Oracle from 1985-89 and Yahoo from 1996-2000 as well as running his own Consultancy firm since 2010.

Martin has been building his map of human knowledge since before he learned to read. His experience as a commercial pilot helped him to appreciate both the importance of solid technical knowledge combined with a greater awareness of our spiritual nature. His time in the sky simultaneously heightened his awareness of human knowledge and the spiritual connections of all things.

Understanding his gift, and learning the impact of who he is allowed Martin to experience true and deep connection for the first time in his life. Adding the understanding of the importance of connection and community broadened his awareness, ability and desire to be in relationship. Now, using his extensive bank of knowledge and experience, his empathy and intuition, combined with community and connection, Martin is working with his wife and partner, Susan Fisher, to create and grow Kinetre.

EDUCATION:University of Manchester, UK. B.Sc. (2nd Hons) Computation, 1977-1980.