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Wellness and Leadership Programs

Kinetre offers a very different style of Wellness and Leadership program. We believe that wellness and leadership start within. By knowing who we are, what our bodies are capable of and how they teach us to lead and take care of ourselves we can create a new reality for ourselves. Wellness and Leadership are intricately entwined processes, to be a leader you have to know yourself, know how to take care of yourself, how to access your own brand of wisdom and share it in a way that others can receive it.

At the center of our current societal structure is a belief that we are all basically the same, physiologically. We have the same organs, senses, and body parts. An assumption that many hold, rooted in this belief, about others is that if they could just “know what I know, be a little bit more like me, then they too would have the answers and be easier to be around.” We assume our wisdom is obvious, and we make up reasons for other people’s behavior based on our own lens.

Our programs are built on a well-reserarched paradigm, that is both newly emerging, and has also been here all along. Learning about how your body’s lens shapes your experience and how that is diffferent for others starts to create acceptance and compassion, opens us to curiosity and helps us release judgement.

True leadership takes into account the different ways that other people are motivated, fulfilled, and inspired. Our programs start with understanding yourself, your body, how it informs you and how it is significantly different than others. We teach how to understand and apply the wisdom of our bodies in community with others.

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